Why We Are Different!

Message from Patrick Hayes

I started Hedge Plus in June of 2007 after eight years of helping farmers market their crops. I have over 25 years of experience using risk reward parameters; I believe a farm marketing company should generate the majority of their income from fees, not commissions. I think it is impossible to be successful in farm marketing if your income is dependent on the commissions you generate. The focus should always be on the customer’s bottom line and not ours.

I believe in using risk and reward variables as key tools in marketing. I do not believe in using price outlook as a tool in farm marketing. I have yet to find a person who is gifted enough to be able to predict price movement.Yet for the past 20 years that is what most producers have been taught. It simply doesn’t work. Measuring risk and the potential reward of any farm marketing decision allows for a more rational approach. I believe our clients should hold us accountable for the bottom line advice we give them.

I believe in owner involvement with all our customers. With that in mind you will not see me on TV, hear me on the radio or read a book that I have recently published. I am simply too busy analyzing, formulating and helping our customers. Many companies talk a good game; the owner is bright, charismatic, and convincing but is he or she the person you are working with? At Hedge Plus the owner is involved. We are different and that is a good thing. Add confidence to Your Marketing with the help of Hedge Plus!





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