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The Hedge Plus introductory brokerage provides farmers with competent and reliable hedging services at very competitive rates. Our goal is to assist producers in using commodities as a tool for protecting their output. We strive to effectively provide our clients with confidence and informal second opinions they can grow to depend on.

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Farm Marketing Guidance Through Balanced Risk and Reward Solutions

A Note from the Founder of Hedge Plus, Patrick J. Hayes:

Overhead view of crop harvestins

At Hedge Plus, we realize that things have changed in the farm marketing of grains and oil seed products. From the late 1970’s to around 2004, your markets were stuck in a bearish fundamental market; a market in which normal production outpaced demand. In this environment certain farm marketing tools were proven effective in helping you market your crop. Seasonal trends could be counted on, as well as lack of volatility and other long held tools, helping make farm marketing somewhat dependable.

Starting in 2004, these trusted farm marketing tools and approaches became less and less dependable. The advent of cheap prices for such a long period of time created new long-term demand. This new and greater demand has created, for the first time in decades, volatility and uncertainty in our markets.

The surprise to many is that higher prices have led to greater risk. Stable input cost disappeared as fast as low prices. As an example, many producers were hurt by their crop sales more in 2008 than ever before, even though new highs were available. The reason was poor timing, as some bought input costs at highs in the Spring of 2008 and sold their crop too late after prices had collapsed. The risk in farm marketing has never been greater.

At Hedge Plus, we saw a need to offer farmers a service that was different and more equipped to handle the new market conditions.

Remember if you always do what you did, you will always get what you got. Also, remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. At Hedge Plus, we are here to offer you something different.


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