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Hedge Plus Complete

Hedge Plus Complete

Hedge Plus Complete is a fee-for-service program where all your marketing tools are tied directly to your cash sales. A customized marketing plan is designed around YOUR operation and YOUR needs. Patrick and his team will communicate to you all cash market recommendations that affect your bottom line. All cash recommendations are communicated directly to you and individualized with you. You remain the boss, so you are basically hiring us on as a part of your operation to help with your marketing.

Improving your cash sales by merely 1% pays for the service.

We can help you by being your eyes and ears with the goal of selling your cash crops at the highest possible price and we use all tools available to add value and manage risk. We get to know you and your operation really well, so we know when your crop has to be sold and what kind of risk you are willing to take.

  • Includes the Hedge Plus Report
  • One on one strategy calls with Hedge Plus owner Patrick Hayes
  • Customized Marketing Plan based on your output, storage capacity, and costs
  • Immediate Cash Sale Alerts, Via Broadcast message
  • Premiere Video Access to Hedge Plus Market Updates
  • Paired with a non-commission earning advisor (hedge account not required)
  • Hogs and Cattle (reduced grain fees applied when combined with Hogs and Cattle)
  • Tax deductible yearly fee