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Hedge Plus Report

The Hedge Plus Report is a weekly publication providing our market advisors’ insight and recommendations designed to help you become a better marketer. The report focuses on the bottom-line factors that affect price direction by analyzing fundamental factors and providing you with technical charts to help you better understand pricing opportunities. The Hedge Plus Report offers market information for farmers so you know what’s driving the markets. The report can be emailed to you or is available on our website. Along with the weekly report, we also provide daily opening and closing comments to keep you as current as possible on our market thoughts.

One year subscription to the Hedge Plus Report through our website is $500 and includes access to:

  • Daily Opening and Closing Comments
  • The Hedge Plus Report posted on our website every Thursday afternoon
  • Weekly Broadcast messages
  • Patrick’s Weekly Column: “A Scientific View”
  • Company Video Broadcasts

One year subscription to the Hedge Plus Report is INCLUDED to clients enrolled in the Hedge Plus Complete Program

We look forward to partnering with you for a free 30-day trial of the Hedge Plus Report. If you would like to work with an Hedge Plus advisor, please call (262) 429-2701. There is a 30-day introduction period for you at no cost, no obligation.